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I want to be a novelist.

It was March 13th, 2020. Remember? Sure you do. We all do.

A man kissing a young, smiling child on the cheek
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I can see light. After so many months, I can see light.

It was March 13th, 2020. Remember? Sure you do. We all do. For me, I was picking up my son from a half-day of school. My…

A person wearing white rubber gloves prepares a needle to inject. The camera if focused on the needle.
Photo by: Joshua Bamidele, from
Burst, Some Rights Reserved

The kids are back to school, the ballparks are at capacity, and people are flowing out of bars and restaurants again. The economic engine of the country is oiled and pumping. It makes me glad to see so many people having fun and living their lives. Normal is what we…

A beige, old model rotary telephone.
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

An alumni association from one of my old colleges telephoned the other week. “Hello, Mr. Field! Can you catch us up on your education since leaving our school?” Of course. I provided the highlights of the six colleges I attended and three master’s degrees I earned.

“Oh, my! So what’s…

A photograph of en empty school hallway
Photo by kyo azuma / Unsplash

I had to drive around the block to see them, my children, as they carried themselves towards the old stone steps and into their school for the last time. It’s a historic landmark, that school. I aimed to pull over and watch them from the curb behind a loaded dumpster…

Photo by surachat, used under license through Adobe Stock.

There are two large cookbooks in front of me on the table. My wife used them to press the moisture out of the tofu we air fried. I don’t know what an air fryer is. It looks like a tiny oven. Not my area, though. I’m in charge of rice…

  • Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, Washington

Washington Area Man Jakob Pressley was found alive and well after reportedly missing for five years. He survived in a forest cave, sustaining himself with stream water and cave fish, occasionally heading out to harvest and nuts and berries when the weather permitted.

Mr. Pressley said…

a person in silhouette watching an assortment of fireworks exploding in the dark night sky
Photo by Ali Müftüoğulları from Pexels

Drinking bitter coffee at our small dining room table, I can look out the window and see the piles of camping gear on the back porch. Everything is covered in five inches of snow. I should have put that stuff away weeks ago. I wonder if mice haven’t figure out…

Reading Your Own Book

A photo of a woman reading from a magazine or journal with her hands on her head. She is inside a casual looking environment.
By djrandco. Used under license from Adobe Stock.

I am sitting on thousands and thousands, tens of thousands of words. I crafted my story and heroine and dramatic arc and epic conclusion. I placed that last period after that last word of that last sentence. I put it there, closed the story, gave myself a grin in smug…

Photo by Yuri Levin on Unsplash

The thing that bothers me is that our national leadership is acting like the COVID-19 virus is some sort of temporary thing. Our leaders need to underscore the message that this virus will be here for a while; a year, maybe years.

We hope there is a vaccine coming this…

My Mediocre Career Substitute Teaching

A school classroom showing two rows of student desks and wall cabinets.
Photo by Feliphe Schiarolli on Unsplash

There was a time when I thought I might make a pretty good teacher. People told me I was kind and patient, understanding, and knowledgeable. They told me I had so many qualities of one. Then I worked as a substitute in a public school district. …

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